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Bible Study

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"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye." Psalm 32:8 We have all received help in our learning process, whether in school, sport, technology or any other area in which we were called by our service to our Lord to master a set of knowledge or develop a skill. It may have been a fellow collegue a coach, a parent, or sibling or the teachers themselves who helped us. We have all experienced the assistance of another in grasping an idea or technique and in knowing how helpful it was for them to provide us with individual instruction and to walk through the problem or task with us. They were able to answer our unique, individual questions and help us to connect and understand on a personal level. The above verse is a wonderful promise for Divine tutelage! We have a teacher, the Great teacher, Jesus Christ, Who promises to teach and to guide us and to watch over us. He takes full responsibility for our learning and promises that He will personally carry it out. "I will instruct"..."I will teach" says the great Rabbi. Our God is the Divine expert in all areas of knowledge as He is the only omniscient One. Through Him the universe is revealed. This knowledge is especially relevant in the spiritual realm and its ability to show us the way to True life and to guide us in this path. The text is God's Word Itself. While our God is fully able and accessible, we often fail to be willing students open to learning and guidance. We often resist His instruction, whether because we think we already have enough knowledge or because we want to do things our own way or are simply apathetic. When we are humble enough to submit to His instruction and to realize our lack of knowledge, only then can the instruction begin. The best way to receive God's promise from this Psalm is to start with Confession, to recognize our stubborn, prideful nature in the learning process, and then to receive His forgiveness and move forward into True learning. Our Divine Teacher is a gentle Instructor Who desires good things for us and wants to guide us in the way that we should go. When we submit to His instruction, True knowledge is ours, and as the saying goes, knowledge is power! Be empowered, Children of God, and know and live the Truth for the sake of the abundant life! And always, thanks be to God.
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