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A few months ago I started studying herbalism. I became quite obsessed and was amazed by the properties of healing plants. With the numerous health issues I have been dealing with, I was able to basically stop taking pharmaceuticals and replace them with herbal remedies. The only pharmaceutical drug I take is levothyroxine which is a thyroid hormone, but I do hope that I can eventually wean myself off this as well. When you start to understand the origins of pharmaceuticals you'll start to realise that it was never about healing people, it was always about profits. They can't patent plants, but if they modify the plant and extract certain properties and combine that with other chemicals and call it a "medicine" they may be able to patent it. And therefore have exclusive rights to profit from it for a certain amount of time...
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2 years ago
It’s all in nature, but the thyroid hormone is not to be taken lightly, some ignore the symptoms to their death, but not saying that for you, just letting know that people need to get the regular bloodwork done to see levels after it’s been diagnosed. How to take it from there has led to some sad stories on alternative ways, just talking from people I know and stories from sources I trust. Keep on figuring it out and document it on the way responsibly.
Some great herbalism books to start your journey