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Already a good test to see if this network can have value. My friendly-spirited comments are already being trolled by a buffoon "bilbo" using amateurish words like "masses" in his or her attempt to look down on others. I happen to have my PhD from arguably the best ivy league and I have no need to implicitly degrade the human population with faux elitist concepts like "masses": the preference of insecure individuals posturing as if intelligent. So, is there a "block" or "delete comment" function? The blockchain should keep the record forever for legal purposes, for instance, if "biblo" bullies his or her way into defamation. But does the quality of my personal experience of this network have to be subjected to uneducated malice? If so, there is hardly any progress here..
Twetch troll toll is optimal.
I think this will come later. The solution may not even require blocking.