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I don't mean to be offensive. But from the outside BSV looks like, well, basically a cult akin to something like Amway where they have regular conventions to pump the hype. Yes, you've increased the throughput of Bitcoin. But I don't think anyone really had any doubt it could be done. The cost is consolidating the mining pools, which BTCers want to minimize. If you actually want the world to think BSV is not a cult, then it has to be more open to the world. Shouldn't have to go to devcons or join Metanet.icu to gain a non-trivial grasp of Bitcoin and Metanet. And right now, y'all have a lot of skin deep documentation. It's a very small opaque little ecosystem.
No one really had any doubt that the throughput of Bitcoin could be increased? What? Were you not there? Almost everyone in "crypto" insisted that you couldn't increase the throughput of Bitcoin. They're STILL insisting that now. I had a conversation just this week with someone who smugly informed me that the only reason BSV transaction costs are low is that it isn't used. :/
bitcoinrealist replied:
I admit I don't listen much to non-technical speculators. I'm referring to developers from the BTC, BCH, and BSV.
Consolidating cost of mining pools? What is that? Save the weak node and sacrifice the strong node? I don't think that BTCers can think and that is the problem. If they cared about Consolidating of anything than they would have outed the hostile takeover of Bitcoin by Blockstream, a company crippling their chain to be able to launch products to fix the problem they created. Help yourself https://bsvdevs.com/
bitcoinrealist replied:
It didn't happen. It's bullshit. I know it you know it. But we know the narratives. And they still expect it to happen.
eatmybitcorn replied:
Answer my question. Consolidating cost of mining pools? What is that?
bitcoinrealist replied:
Oh. The non-monetary cost of choosing the path of scaling Bitcoin on chain is consolidating mining to enterprise level pools at the expense of running home nodes. This is true, but it's happening on BTC as well. It's inevitable.
eatmybitcorn replied:
I has defensively happened already. There is just a few nodes on BTC. Its not only inevitable but also preferable. We should sacrifice the weak node for the strong. That is how Bitcoin scale efficiently.
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