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“There’s a commodity value to BitCoin WHEN IT’S USED CORRECTLY: 1. it is the value of putting information into the ledger. 2. It is the value of exchanging quickly.... It’s actually USE. As it’s used, a commodity has value”— CSW,@theoryofbitcoin -whitepaper He goes on to explain the equivalence of gold having USE (he mentions one of its smaller uses— as an ingredient to electronics). This explanation is the very basis of BSV’s value and arguably we will be able to value BitCoin in many cases better than any commodity before it because information can often have a easily obtained financial price. BitCoin is unlike gold in that it cannot be mined (ironically). The fixed 2.1 quadrillion satoshis make it so BitCoin must ALWAYS be PRUNED in order for more to be created. BitCoin is a train network with limited seats. If you wish to ride on the network by taking up one of the 2.1 quadrillion seats, you must go into the marketplace and buy a seat with someone already in it. You must convince “granny” to get up and give you her seat by making her a monetary offer. You obtain your bitcoin by convincing the person with the WEAKEST case to give theirs up. The fittest information survives and the weakest is pruned by SPENDING IT. BSV will only go up FUNDAMENTALLY when satoshis in the network begin to generate incomes (cash flows). UTXOs which have an income associated with them are not easily spent— they bare fruit. You don’t prune a fruit-bearing branch, you prune a weak branch and RE-apply the energy of the branch somewhere else where it can make value (cash flows). There CAN BE a goodwill value To BSV— this is what we have today mostly. BSV isn’t TODAY fundamentally worth its $3-4 billion market cap— the majority of that value is the goodwil of you BSV-faithful believing that BSV’s USE cases are not far away in time and thus $3-4 bn is justified and will be exceeded in good time. In other words there is a premium attached. On the other hand btc HAS NO VALIE as it cannot be used not now nor in the future. It does not have a goodwill value, it has a Ponzi hot-potato price. Cryptocurrencies will not go away until the coming deflationary collapse occurs. This is why I stress the important valuation work to owning a digital asset is not conjuring what it can be worth in 10 or 20 years if it becomes competitive money. The important work is figuring out what price it would be absurd for a digital asset to go below. When is the heating oil in your tank more valuable as heat for your home than what low price the futures exchange says it’s worth in dollars? That’s when you refuse to sell your heating oil reserves. IT HEATS YOUR HOME! BSV won’t heat your home, but it might guarantee your Last Will and Testament with evidence on chain. It might guarantee you get credit for that money-making definition you wrote on www.SLictionary.com. If you are an investor in BSV, I highly recommend contributing somehow to actual projects either creatively or financially. This will boost or bootstrap your investment “bit by bit”. Seek knowledge on BSV apps FIRST if you can., before you go to Merrimack-Webster or “don’t b evil” Google. Smith something creative on a BSV app such as a worthy definition which can earn money by instructing those who come after you to seek your knowledge. Sponsor or Patronize OTHERS to write a definition which will make money by placing a bounty for other creative BSVers to earn. Invest in a BSV startup which you believe has 10-year potential to change the world for better. Now is the time for early adopters to USE BSV. Give feedback— tell the app developers what’s wrong. Be early and use BSV apps even tho they are not perfect yet— but because you SEE and PREDICT the BSV apps will be the best apps. Investing in BSV/BitCoin can take more important forms than just making a bet on the price. There’s no shame in that, but if you are blindly hoping for the number to go up without immersing oneself in the apps then you really are speculating on a future in which you are reliant on others. Invest your time along with your money. Find an app you can improve and contribute something you have to offer. SLictionary aims to provide that venue for creatives and patrons but there are others. Write an article, make a video, Twetch or powping some good information, teach a future child the meaning of “value”, “work” “patience” or “rumination” by stating those definitions in an easily digestible manner in a BSV-only no-advertising no-tracking dictionary! BitCoin is going to be the most efficient most valuable money in the history of the world because it is backed by an asset known as information. The problem is:it is not YET. So let’s not just throw money at the problem— let’s throw information at it! KIND APPRECIATIVE REGARDS to all the BSV is BitCoin intelligentsia, John Pitts
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So very true
Historical precedent is a tool whih can be used often-- even for esoteric things like "Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?" https://equitydiamonds.medium.com/three-wrights-dont-make-a-wrong-a37ea19ed636