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1 Craig Wright (Unofficial Chat)

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Minute 26 B Society or Bitcoin Society 9. The Future of Bitcoin - Theory of Bitcoin - Dr. Craig S. Wright & Ryan X. Charles https://youtu.be/Mwj2QRugc7Q
sirius tipped:
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2 years ago
do you know more on that? 🤔
ramonquesada replied:
No, I think it is the first
ramonquesada replied:
Sorry, No, I think it is the first time I hear something like B society, in 7 years following all news about this ecosystem. Also was very good for me to hear Craig, saying this concept come from his antiMarxism, God I love this man!!!!
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2 years ago
joeldalais replied:
in the early days people kept referring to the metanet slack as "the bsv community", i really disliked it, and i repeatedly pointed out its just a business and that the 'community' is far bigger. So eventually people started referring to things (things in the wider community) as the bitcoin Society