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The Theory of Bitcoin series has such a high knowledge density that it makes other videos sort of bland. For example, many times I would go back and listen to/watch a discussion on a particular topic over and over again until I finally get it. This happens quite a lot. In contrast, quite often it's not the case with other interviews or podcasts; rarely do I watch them a second time. #PowpingShowerThoughts
This series is gonna be studied for decades to come. Whole university degrees will be done on them as new Bitcoin subjects.
hammerbrook replied:
Wish I had real-life friends to discuss this with sometimes... every episode is literally just so incredibly fascinating, and the world doesn't know it yet.
liam replied:
Maybe we could have a zoom discussion for a few folks here who might be interested. My friend@mandeep and I were thinking of starting a discussion regularly about bitcoin subjects.
hammerbrook replied:
Zoom discussion sounds like a very interesting idea. Personally I would be thrilled to have conversations with anyone who is genuinely intrigued and/or asks good questions. By the way I think in one episode of the series Ryan was counting and mentioned something like "17 subjects", so good news is you'd never run out of "bitcoin subjects" to talk about :D