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Electrum SV fucked me 8 BSV

Fucked me 8.05 BSV in an instant.

This is a new wallet, I made, I wrote the seed and all, I put a strong password.

For unknown reason, after receiving 8.05 BSV from Coinex withdrawing, I got 0.017 BSV and at 11:26 I got 547 Satoshi and the same day at 16:31 all coins gone forever.

Is this possible ? A new wallet just made, stole my coins like this ? Is this security issue ? Hacked wallet ? I cannot believe my own eyes...

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did it happen as soon as you logged in after the deposits ?
mmm give Electrum SV a call
framore replied:
i talked by email they said my computer was hacked. If any wallet answer like that, everyone could steal your coins. Anyway you can blame the invisible hackers...
Ever heard of cold- and watch-only wallets?
Where did you download from and did you check the hash with the one on github? Also, what is the txid of your withdrawal from Coinex and the address you sent to? ElectrumSV has been very stable for me and I just did a test with the latest version and it seems OK for me.
framore replied:
I have been using electrumsv since 2018 after the fork. I downloaded from the app update tool. I m not a beginner, this is super weird. My coins went well to my wallet the problem is after I got 0.017 bsv and later 567 satoshi and in the afternoon at 4.30 around every coin left... without me doing anything
framore replied:
This is txid from Coinex ebd0323bc6922f2a34ed878d3e9493a2f7ad8cdca4dee196078cb11bff987d74
framore replied:
i didnt send to Moneybutton because I thought 8 bsv just secured with a password maybe not good... and so I sent to electrum.. and boom... waste
marquee replied:
So 8.05348439 BSV was sent to address 1PLAcUSfTabEZp4dxbvA9W14ixTqxTz5Nd timestamp 2020-10-02 01:44:08 utc - I presume this is in your control? The funds were sent from 1FYENBsNzbwDaWuyh77PtaPin4wdwucHoc and I'm guessing this is a Coinex controlled address. There are a couple of txs in between and then this txid 82949fcc2ee0550fdbea5976b585d92eb1b6ce52cef7f4b72d7f0e9db034d1ec where 8.07124433 BSV gets sent to 139MCzZxB1u3sxEMDMxsVgbwak6Az6CWaq timestamp 2020-10-02 07:31:31 utc - do you control this address? Then in txid 23ee9692edca8295bd4a9ec628a178d7530c0ccf69a137d5a5ae54305c76d98e 8.07123473 BSV gets sent to 14veLSwZP3xB62FvQXnqitxpZwabbnArkz timestamp 2020-10-02 07:56:52 utc Then in txid d1d1a38cdaf8e176fbb3f32ba16d53965d76c0d18d8c0b871c52186a34195731 there is a consolidation tx 8 inputs 2 outputs where the money get mixed in with 60 BSV and 24.147 BSV outputs. Where in that chain do you stop controlling the address?
framore replied:
This is the electrumsv address where I sent from Coinex 1PLAcUSfTabEZp4dxbvA9W14ixTqxTz5Nd So this is my only address.
framore replied:
all the rest was done withoyt my knowledge, the deposits and the stolen.
marquee replied:
Sounds to me like you do not have a legit. version of electrumSV. Did you verify the hashes after you downloaded it?
framore replied:
Well I downloaded from their site long long time ago. In the same wallet i had 180 bsv at certain point. Also this hypothetical hacker , would steal me 8 bsv in a wallet created 2 days before? Anyway money lost, lesson learnt. Crypto is not for me, I will not put even a penny on this shit technology
kapil replied:
If you see the dust transaction of 547 sats there is a strange message attached in it. Looks like a script or something I can't really understand but this also has been sent to 100s of addresses, presumablly all@electrumsv@marquee sample below. what does this means ? is it possible that this is code which can create a transaction to transfer funds ? �j "hmwyda" - how much would you donate anonymously how to create ownerless BTC/BCH/BSV address with special meaning amnesia@amnesia:~$ amnesia@amnesia:~$ wget --quiet https://github.com/libbitcoin/libbitcoin-explorer/releases/download/v3.2.0/bx-linux-x64-qrcode amnesia@amnesia:~$ wget --quiet https://github.com/sipa/bech32/raw/master/ref/python/segwit_addr.py amnesia@amnesia:~$ wget --quiet https://github.com/oskyk/cashaddress/archive/1.0.5.tar.gz amnesia@amnesia:~$ ls -l bx-linux-x64-qrcode segwit_addr.py 1.0.5.tar.gz -rw-r--r-- 1 amnesia amnesia 6494 Aug 12 14:14 1.0.5.tar.gz -rw-r--r-- 1 amnesia amnesia 5037768 May 26 2017 bx-li...
pete replied:
More clues here: https://www.reddit.com/r/bitcoincashSV/comments/iqgn8k/fishing_transaction/g63o55t/?context=3 For example: HMWYDA = How Much Would You Donate Anonymously.
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