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Raising puppies....a month and a half old now. and they are still with their momma and daddy. it's totally different having an actual family of dogs than it is to get dogs from someone else and them not be blood related. It's one of the coolest things I think I have ever done in my life. And they are all staying together...not breaking the family up. They are way too happy together. It would be crazy to let any of them go. man! Lovin' the hell outta these puppies.
glauce tipped:
teaching little harry to program
here are a few more for u
sirquacksalot tipped:
This is so bloody wonderful!!! I love it! You have brighten my day, thank you, it was beginning to fill up with unwanted (although very necessary) concerns... I don't think I've ever seen a family of dogs living together like yours either... you are doing something so human, it is unbelievable is so outside the norm!
nenicloud replied:
@glauce your day was filling up with unwanted concerns? I know the feeling all too well. These little guys are keeping me grounded and I have truly never experienced something as cool and heartwarming. I know that sounds a bit cheesy, but having a family of dogs all together is soo cool. Nobody could pay me enough to separate them. I was not much of a dog person until meeting my current girlfriend of 8 years now. I fell in love with her Papillon (named Phuket) haha. We got her a friend Papillon and named him Murphy (my last name). Phuket jumped our gate outside while we were walking in and out to the laundry room which was and 'inside/outside' I think...She got excited because she saw someone walking their dog, didn't look both ways, and Murphy saw her get plowed by a car...We didn't see it. But when knew something happened because of the sound he made. The driver was immediately a ghost and the guy walking his dog looked at us like we were horrible pet owners. I won't lie...I cried like a fucking baby when I scooped her up and ran her to the pet hospital. Anyways, Murphy seemed to have some PTSD (if dogs can have that from this kind of situation) and we decided to adopt a purebred long haired Chihuahua. She was a little baby. Covered with fleas...it was sick. We cleaned her up and she almost took on the spirit of Phuket. If their bodies were swapped, we would never be able to tell the difference. And crazy coincidence is how close Penelope (the Chihuahua we adopted) was born relative to Phuket's death. We didn't spay her, purposefully. A few years ago by, we buy a new house (where we live now) and my girlfriend's father died. We used a decent amount of her inheritance (which was not a lot) to get a purebred Papillon to add to the family...We love our Papillons. They are such an awesome breed. And this guy comes from a champion line. We decided to breed our new Papillon (named Benjamin) with Penelope (the Chihuahua). The first time did not go well. The doctors said to let it happy naturally even though we researched a lot about small dogs and complications they can have during labor. We called about 15 times the day she was going into labor, and they said finally to bring her in, right when it became 'after hours' time, so everything cost quite a bit more. She had two puppies that died hours after her C-section. We decided to try one more time, used a different doctor, and this doctor was awesome. It was the 21st of December, midnight, and we hadn't actually ever been to the hospital we brought her to because we were visiting my parents. We called, they said to bring her over, and had we not, she would have had serious complications again. But this doctor charged us half of what we we charged for a completely botched job the first time, and we ended up with a healthy mom, and 2 healthy puppies. I realize that's a lot of information and it's not necessarily something that many people might care about, but we really wanted these puppies, wanted momma to be healthy, and now we have that. We miss Phuket, but we haven't forgotten about her and we have made sure to keep our puppies with their mother and father. And the funniest thing...Murphy (who's the oldest now) is not blood related tpo any of them, but he TOTALLY takes on the role of the Papa dog...sort of a mix between uncle/grandpa. He loves those puppies, teaches them how to play, fetch, has watched that they don't fall off of things like the bed or couch...And Benjamin (the biological daddy) has just recently stopped being scared to play with his puppies. He's taking on the role of an actual father like it was a family of people. It's pretty amazing. I think that writing paragraphs about their story may speak for itself, but in case it doesn't, we love the hell out of all of 5 dogs. And they do make a really crappy day kind of fade away for a little while when spending time with them. Anyways, thanks for the comments.
glauce replied:
So beautiful to read the love, thank you@nenicloud... you added smiles to the day, again, when joy was kind of needed... coincidences are amazing!
glauce replied:
Oh, so lucky I came to check again, found new photos of the action... lucky Harry too, building from puppy might make him a star when he grows up!!!
nenicloud replied:
haha. yeah. they are fun. his dad is a star coder...I come back to my laptop to code he wrote while I was away sometimes.
glauce replied:
😆😂🤣... I love that!!!