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me and my girlfriend healed autoimmune diorders with a 100% carnivore diet. this diet has restored our memory and we are more concentrated and focused than ever before...no more excessive sweating. no more insomnia. no more lack of drive.
marquee tipped:
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2 years ago
That's really great to hear. How long have you been doing it for? Which autoimmune disorders? I'm guessing asthma and eczema?
kraftwerk replied:
we are now on month 8, the first results we have seen after 2-3weeks but the whole process for the conversion of the metabolism takes up to 4months. lost cognitive functions recovered after 3-4 months Psoriasis, asthma, hashimoto, MS stops, and some other illnesses
kraftwerk replied:
hair loss was restored, hair grows again
marquee replied:
Great stuff! It's like magic!