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Total Economy: 0.05 USD
What a event!!
eatmybitcorn tipped:
0.05 USD
1 year ago
lol, when was this?
There was a cowboy on stage!
The unRelatables
how very inspiring. and why cant tone be on the stage too? look how eagerly he wants to be in there. it would look better in media tho if he goes to the audience, there seems to be some free chairs too.
eatmybitcorn replied:
Its a small room full of small minded people.
jackoneill replied:
small minds, small blocks. but the room is not full like their blocks are. its funny to think that there will be time when nobody even imagines that block can be full, because its just absurd :)
eatmybitcorn replied:
Someone should tell them to never go full absurd. :D