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Hey guys, I am just beginning to dive into Bitcoin development, but I have an idea that I want to prototype. It basically is a webpage, where a user fills out a form and for doing that gets some BSV sent to his wallet (ideally paymail for convenience). So after researching today, I've found this great resource https://gobitcoinsv.com/ which basically gives a lot of Bitcoin related functionality in form of Golang libraries. So far I mostly used Python for backend development, but as I've read Golang is actually really nice and I am eager to learn it. Now I have very little idea of how the Bitcoin side of things actually work. And this is where I'd like to get some pointers perhaps. I've seen that I can use the https://github.com/libsv/go-bt library to create a basic transaction to a wallet. But how would I go on and plug in a paymail address rather than the wallet address? Also are there any resources on how to create a proper transaction? For instance, based on the example provided in the go-bt library, why would I put this tx.From( "11b476ad8e0a48fcd40807a111a050af51114877e09283bfa7f3505081a1819d", 0, "76a914eb0bd5edba389198e73f8efabddfc61666969ff788ac6a0568656c6c6f", 1500) in a transaction, what does the From part mean and why is it in the outgoing transaction?
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You can use either go-bt (which is the lowest level) or you can use go-bitcoin (level above go-bt) which might make it easier for you ;-)
go-bitcoin is a library that uses go-bt under the hood. It adds a bunch of convenience functions to make various things easier, such as createTxWithChange that will automatically calculate fees and change. There are lots of examples here: https://github.com/BitcoinSchema/go-bitcoin/tree/master/examples most of these packages have great test coverage so you can typically find good examples in the test files as well go-paymail is what you want to resolve a paymail address (if you use go-paymail you don't need a 3rd party service such as polynym). Here is an example of resolving an address with go-paymail https://github.com/tonicpow/go-paymail/tree/master/examples/client/resolve_address
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miggy replied:
Hey Satchmo! Thanks a ton for the kind explanation mate. I am having lot's of fun learning Golang atm, and can't wait to use your libraries. So useful!