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it looks like Hathor MM is trying to "attack" bitcoin by mining empty blocks: https://sv.coin.dance/blocks
Mining empty blocks is fine but not sustainable.
That is not an attack, that is more like maximizing profit / work ratio. Block subsidy is still way more than fee collection, so they're just after 6.25 BSV subsidy. It's kinda okay for now. transaction fees are picked up by the miner who mines the next block. This strategy won't work in the long run, but it's okay for now.
token_squatting replied:
They're attacking themselves! lol
mephisto replied:
If it is not an attack why they don't do the same thing on the BCH blockchain?
dimadan replied:
HathorMM did the same on BCH chain, and was accused of mining empty blocks on BCH chain a few weeks ago. https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/j97ywp/hathormm_hathor_merge_mining_cause_of_empty_bch/
mephisto replied:
I see thanks. One more reason to support transactions fees over block reward as a sustainable model.
shadders replied:
They are simply gunshy of orphan risk. We are reaching out to all hathor merge miners to help them learn how to use bsv optimally... Will take a bit of time...
max tipped:
mephisto replied:
That's great. At scale though, doing what they are doing will leave a lot of money on the table. The "scale solves every problem" slogan is powerful. Keep up the good work, it is an extremely good fight.
max tipped:
mephisto replied:
@shadders are you sure? They are mining at a loss (it is 30% less profitable to mine on BSV now) and still deliberately including only one transaction per block. It may be harmless but it looks malevolent.
mephisto replied:
Maybe they are trying to push other miners out of BSV to a point where their harmless empty blocks become a problem. If they are the only ones willing to burn money this way they may achieve something.