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Search for Interest Groups on Powping

You can now search channels on Powping

One of the unique features of Powping is channels. Channels let you have more focused topical discussions instead of just following people. As the name implies, it's another distribution channel for content, not based on social graph but based on interest.

There are many exciting things happening on Powping channels and I would like to showcase some of them at some point, but that's for another day.

The biggest problem with channels has been that there was no way to easily search them. This was what the channel directory looked like before today:

There was no way to search and the only way you could discover channels was to look at the "top" leaderboard or the "new" or "active" tabs. There was no way to search topics which meant people couldn't easily find groups to join. Also, even after you join a channel, often you want to quickly access the channel, and that was not easy either because there was no search.

Channel Search

As of today Powping has added channel search. Now the channels page looks like this:

and you can easily search for channels from the search bar:

to get search results:

This channel search feature has been one of the frequently requested features on Team Powping channel and I hope you guys enjoy it.

Also I hope this will help people meet each other and form groups much more easily based on shared interest.

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satoshidoodles tipped:
0.01 USD
2 years ago
Very nice!
glauce replied:
I find the "new" tab very helpful also, have been checking it daily.