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Why are some countries locking down? Why are people wearing masks? I genuinely don't understand it. https://youtube.com/watch?v=6srZUKMRVcE
glauce tipped:
Thx Marquee, excellent Vid! I worked out 2 months ago this is a global scam... very sad. I live in Oz (Australia) and what they are doing down in Melbourne with the lockdown is criminal :(
datastream tipped:
Seems populations are doing as told instead of using logic, no need to wonder why
glauce replied:
Just watched the video, huge thanks Marquee!... what an opportunity to "see" exactly what is going on, as it is going on, in the only place on earth who said no, Sweden... compare, sob and wake up!
glauce replied:
I added a link to your post in our Telegram group (BSV Basics)... this can't be missed