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2 years ago
I noticed something strange when playing around with the web-app. The search-feature is not showing the results I am expecting & I guess I am trying to find out whether this is intended. Some comments on the image: * the results are the same; * `sent` is doing something weird with the name-column values * each of the screens has different `bucket` open (inbox/sent/archive); * each of the screens has sort set to `value`, also I guess `sent`, weird.
2 years ago
Feature-request for Baemail. The gist. Let's say I as the owner wish to share a specific baemail message. * I could take a screenshot & hope that others believe that the screenshot is real. * Or I could send the decrypted content to Baemail-serverside, there you could verify that this is the actual content & do the setup & start serving this baemail-message (unencrypted) via a generated-url. After this point can just hand this link to whomever & verify it for themselves. Verified by Baemail.
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2 years ago
Excellent news, a Baemail channel!!!
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2 years ago
https://baemail.me/files just launched. Initial thoughts?
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